Gonzales v. Thomas, 547 U.S. 183 (2007)

Posted by admin on  September 1, 2007

Congress has repeatedly attempted to strip jurisdiction of immigration cases from federal courts in general and the 9th Circuit in particular. And, in 2006 the Supreme Court reversed the 9th Circuit (again) in Gonzales v. Thomas, 547 U.S. 183 (2006), writing . . . “a court of appeals is not generally empowered to conduct a [new] inquiry into the matter [deportation] and to reach its own conclusions based on such an inquiry.” In effect, the
The angry national debate on immigration legislation concluded without resolution other than Congress funding construction of a fence along the Mexican border. Although the proposed Congressional legislation incited widespread opposition, a parallel debate occurs regularly in federal courts. Unheralded by the media, the Ninth Circuit repeatedly undermines immigration enforcement. Aside from hearing innumerable appeals of cases decided by Immigration Court decisions on applications for cancellation of removal, asylum and the Convention Against Torture, the court

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