Immigration 1918

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Immigration cases are voluminous, frequently fact specific and and involvin

Kernan v. Cuero, 138 S.Ct. 4 (2017)

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An unusual case. The defendant pled guilty to the charge against him and th
This Ninth Circuit death penalty case is an endless procedural essay on int

Maqiuz v. Hedgpeth, 907 f3d 1212 (9th Cir.)

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McDonald, an active gang member, committed a robbery of a woman in an area
These two cases were consolidated in appeals to the 9th Circuit from BIA de

Immigration Summary 2018

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The volume of immigration cases takes up so much time and space, and its ca

U.S. v Ochoa-oregel, 2018 DJDAR 7642 (9th Cir)

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This case is destined for laughing. Defendant unlawfully entered the U.S. i

Jennings v. Rodriguez, 138 S.Ct. 830 (2018)

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In addition to the Supreme Court decision in Sexton v. Beaudreaux the Justi
The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly reversed Ninth Circuit  habeas corpus

Immigration in the 9th Circuit.

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Although we have discontinued immigration cases of the 9th Circuit b

Poyson v. Ryan, 879 F.3d 875 (9th Cir. 2018)

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The Ninth Circuit, having concluded the year 2017 with its usual record

McNight v. Petersen, 137 S.Ct. 2241 (2017)

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The district court in McNight had issued qualified immunity to the officers

U.S. v. Perkins, 850 F.3d 1109 (9th Cir.)

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The Ninth Circuit consists of a variety of judges, the majority of whom are
The U.S.Supreme Court has repeatedly criticized the Ninth Circuit for its h
In 1996 Congress enacted the AntiTerror and Effective Death Penalty Act (AE
Another murder case resolved by the Ninth Circuit whose judges regularly re
In a split 9th Circuit court vote the majority Constitutionalizes a courtro
Another death penalty case reversed by the same judge who reverses other ca

County of Los Angeles, CA v. Mendez,

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Another U.S. Supreme Court reversal of the Ninth Circuit by the Justices wh

Hall v. Haws, 861 F.3d 977 (9th Circuit 2017)

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Not a death penalty case, just life imprisonment without parole for first d

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