Immigration: Sexton v. Beaudreau, 2018 WL 3148261(Supreme Court)

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly reversed Ninth Circuit  habeas corpus decisions of state criminal cases, Constitutional issues of Fourth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, Eighth Amendment  and a host of other subjects. One other category of non criminal cases is immigration. The volume and public interest are limited in judicial immigration rulings despite widespread national interest in immigration.

For these reasons we cannot report all Ninth Circuit decisions. But to illustrate Supreme Court rulings we print those cases. Sexton v. Beaudreaux, 2018 WL 3148261 applies. The Ninth Circuit reversed denial of a state petition for habeas corpus on grounds of ineffective counsel. “The Court of Appeals decision ignored well-established principles.  It did not consider the reasonable grounds that could have supported the state court’s summary decision, and it analyzed the respondent’s arguments without any  meaningful deference to the state court….The Ninth Circuit’s opinion was not just wrong.  It also committed fundamental errors that this Court has repeatedly admonished courts to avoid.”

More criticism ensued but this statement suffices to consider the Supreme Court opinion of the Ninth Circuit.